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Customer Care Message On Hold Offers:

1. (Endless Trial) 30 day agreement, unlimited music and message changes delivered on the patented Net Smart On Hold Internet web based player.
2. Music on hold and custom marketing message production for on hold equipment you already own.
3. Phone on hold equipment to purchase with royalty free music and customized messaging packages.
4. Wholesale pricing for multiple locations.
5. Message Prompts for Voice Mail System, IVR Systems, and Automated Telephone Attendants.

Customer Care has provided on hold music and messages for 21 years
Messages On Hold Wholesale!
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Effect of Messaging On Hold
Source: Market research by AT&T, North American Telecommunications
Association, US West, and Nationwide Insurance.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 callers surveyed made a purchase or a decision based on information they heard while on hold.

"Customer Care - Messages On Hold" - No contracts, quit anytime you like, and all for only $59 a month!

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You lose money with every hang-up!

No matter how hard you try, eventually you have to put someone on hold.   And from the time you hit that "on hold" button, surveys show you've got 30 seconds before that caller starts to get frustrated and hangs up.

People need attention and the need to feel that they're important and being taken care of and a well designed on hold message system does just that.  On hold messages lets them know you're just moments away and assures them of their importance.  On hold message systems also inform them about products and services that your company has.  Remember, they can't buy what they don't know about.

"Customer Care - Messages On Hold" - No contracts, quit anytime you like, and all for only $59 a month!

Systems -

How can Customer Care's Message On Hold systems help your company eliminate hang-ups?.... 

What works on hold?....  For how long?

Our message on hold systems are designed and formatted to entertain, educate, inform and persuade customers on hold.

We use persuasive and powerful psychological suggestions to convert single use customers to multi use customers thereby increasing your profits.

We reinforce your company's name, reputation and professional image in the customer's mind.

With our on hold message system, your callers perceive less time spent on hold, have less frustration and are therefore more willing to learn more about your company and its products and services.

With radio you can hear static, a style of music that you might find unappealing or worst yet, a competitor's commercial offering better prices on identical products!

Let our on hold advertising research and experience work for you.  It's often said that message on hold might just be the greatest gift a business will ever give a customer on hold!

BOTTOM LINE: If you have to put them on hold, wouldn't it be nice if they were there when you came back?

Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale
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