Internet Web Based on Hold Message by Customer Care

Customer Care Message On Hold Offers:

1. (Endless Trial) 30 day agreement, unlimited music and message changes delivered on the patented Net Smart On Hold Internet web based player.
2. Music on hold and custom marketing message production for on hold equipment you already own.
3. Phone on hold equipment to purchase with royalty free music and customized messaging packages.
4. Wholesale pricing for multiple locations.
5. Message Prompts for Voice Mail System, IVR Systems, and Automated Telephone Attendants.

Customer Care has provided on hold music and messages for 21 years
On hold equipment, wholesale!
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NetSmart On Hold allows hands-free remote downloads of your custom music and messages from our recording studio through our server over the Internet. Local storage of audio files in flash memory ensures your messages will never be lost due to power failure.  NetSmart On Hold is compatible with all phones having music on hold capability whether you have 1 or 1000 phone lines.  If your phones do not have music on hold capabilities, music on hold adapters are available.

Easy installation, our NetSmart On Hold connects directly to your local area network, allowing new message on hold program uploads to be done remotely via the Internet.  It's a total "hands-free" operation.  No switches to flip, no lines to tie up and employees can do what they do the company.

On hold equipment, wholesale!

With us, you don't wait for tapes, CDs or media cards in the mail.  As soon as your on hold message program is ready, it can be accessed and added to your playlist.... instantly!  Time is at a premium.  Decisions happen quickly.  Money is made or lost just as quickly... and if your bottom line is hanging in the balance on the other side of a hold button, then it's crucial that your on hold messages get there, accurately and quickly!

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