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"I have used other message on hold companies in the past and find Customer Care to be much better.  Since installing our on hold message system almost 12 years ago, I have had no problems with the message on hold equipment and have found making copy changes fast and easy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Customer Care to anyone looking for a quality, affordable message on hold system." 

Mitchel L. Friedman, DDS
New Jersey


"Our customers are wowed over our new on hold message recording. The quality of production is top notch, and the set up was a breeze."

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for a job well done. It has been a pleasure working with a professional on hold messaging company like yours. Keep it up!"

Regent Product Marketing


"We tried other
message on hold
services in the past 
and found it very difficult to coordinate copy, voice talent and technical aspects of on hold equipment. Your staff members are extremely helpful and professional. Our callers are now prompted to ask about our services giving us the opportunity to tell them more."

The Hodges Group



30 day agreement, quit anytime you like.


Only $59 per month!


Change your music and message any time you like

- no additional


Music and messages delivered on the patented Net Smart On Hold? Internet web based player.


Satisfied customers from coast to coast.


Research proven delivery method of your on-hold message.

Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale is so confident that we provide the best message on hold system for the lowest price, commitment free with no long term contract that we have provided links so you can comparison shop and see why Customer Care Messages On Hold Wholesale is the only choice.

Below are six very important points to consider when comparing message on hold companies:

  1. Contract Terms - Can you quit anytime, or do they lock you into a 12-60 month contract ?

  2. Price - Do they have prices on their web site, If so is it simple to understand or do you need a commissioned salesperson to interpret? 

  3. Unlimited Message Changes - Have you ever wanted to change messages and couldn't without paying more money? 

  4. Technology - CD players wear out fast playing 24/7 along with loop tapes and cassette tapes.

  5. Years In Business - Have you ever paid for packages of production in advance or signed long term leases, needed service and the on hold company had expired but your lease payments survived?

  6. Psychological Study - Some on hold systems can actually cause Hang-Ups if improperly produced. Can they supply any proven Psychological studies on correct formats?

If we have not addressed
your customers' needs
on hold, please call our

Customer Care
Information Hotline

For immediate information, please call 1-800-314-3600.


"We comparison
shopped other message on hold companies before choosing Customer Care and you came out the leader by far. Customer Care is inexpensive, accommodating, FAST, professional and just all around wonderful."

Freedom Federal Credit Union


"Our customers comment on the on hold messages they hear, ask questions about services and have a very positive attitude after being on hold.  Customer Care's entire staff is very responsive and thorough when making copy changes and your digital message on hold equipment has proven to be reliable and trouble free."

Alliance Airlines


"Grande is the largest bundled broadband service provider in Texas, providing high-speed Internet, local and long-distance telephone and cable television services to thousands of residential and business customers.  With so much to offer, we needed a reliable, affordable and cutting-edge company like Customer Care Messages on Hold to help us manage the large volumes of calls we get each day while we communicate our services and specials.  Customer Care Message on Hold has delivered what they promised with professional and experienced staff."

Grande Communications

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